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APARAJITHA – Butterfly pea Medicinal benefits

Botanical name: Clitories ternata
Family : Fabaceae


It is a perineal herbaceous plant with eliptical and obtuse leaves.Mostly grown as ornamental plant ,the flowers of this vein have the shape of human female genatalia hence got the name “clitories”.The roots fix nitrogen in the soil.


2. leaves
3. flower ( both white & blue are being used still white is considerd to be more fruitful in medicinal uses.)
4.seed – as a whole al the parts of the plant have some or the other medicinal uses.


It is being used both for medicinal and as a part of food.
1. food uses are :
a, Some countries the flowers are used as colouring agents.
b, Syrup drinks are made from flowers.
2.Medicinal uses

  • In traditional ayurvedic system of medicine it has been used for centures as memmory enhancer,antidepressants,tranquilizing & sedative agent.
  • In chinese system of medicine this plant is being used for sexual ailments,infertility,gonorrhea,for menstrual discharge & also as an aphrodisiac



    Decotion of whole plant is being used to wash piles (bleeding piles)

    Paste application of whole plant over the pile mass is also benificial.

    Paste of leaves are beneficial for arthritis swelling.


  • Power of both seeds and roots are being used for fever.
  • Juice extracts of the leaves are being as nasal drops for headaches.
  • Juice extracts of the petal + equal amount of honey seems to be good beneficial for liver problems and skin.
  • Juice extract of the petal + ginger root juice heip to reduce excessive sweating and act as a coolant.For better result this has to be used twice for a week.
  • Roots & seeds have purgative property hence used as mild laxatives.
  • Hot infusion of this plant prevent small pox
  • Gargling the decotion of whole plant prevent stomatits and sore throats.
  • Infusion of whole plant act as an diuretic
  • Decotion of whole plant is being used for cleaning wounds and prevent pus formation.
  • Paste of root and pepper is being kept in mouth for tooth ache.
  • Smoking of whole plant is being used as a good disinfectant.
  • Root of white flower pounded with rice water + ghee ,this extract is being used for doing nasya in manorogas.

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