Our History 1990

Sreechithra Ayurhome at Chavakkad, Kerala established by Dr Madhusudanan with captivating and comfortable surroundings, Ayurvedic therapy, Yoga and meditation. SreeAyurhome is promoted by a family with a history of around 400 years in the field of Ayurvedic treatment. The great services of these Ancestors to society inspired later generations of the family to stick with Ayurveda and that has continued till the present. .

Over 100 Facilities

The unique characteristic of Sree Chithra Ayur Home is its location and setting. On the banks of Canoli canal structured in the traditional Kerala Nalukettu style stands a superb architecture which is a marvel by itself. Inside it, you have well-furnished and excellently ventilated rooms for your stay and relaxation. Further is the amenities like wi-fi, Television, hot bath etc.

22700 Visitors Treated

Since the beginning, we have treated over 22700 visitors from 65 countries worldwide. Spreading the greatness of Ayurveda both abroad and natively is a mission Sree Chithra considers for itself. Sree Chithra Ayur home provides the opportunity to make a medical treatment stay akin to pleasure trip and stay. .

What Makes Sreechithra Unique from the rest?

Sreechithra, the Best Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala provides various Ayurveda treatments and therapies to transform the mind, body and soul amidst the serenity of nature.

Personalized care

We always provide personalized care for each guest.

Result Oriented

100% result-oriented treatment programmes.

Yoga therapy

Everyday Yoga therapy to direct mind & body.

Best Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala

Sreechithra Ayurhome is an excellent holistic wellness center in Kerala owned by a family of Ayurvedic doctors who has been associated with Ayurveda for generations. In our yoga Ayurveda center in Kerala , numerous Ayurvedic Packages are available, ranging from general wellness programs to treatment of specific ailments. Sreechithra Ayurhome is the best affordable luxury rejuvenation center in Kerala offers refreshing and personalized therapies, Kalari martial art classes, Yoga sessions, well-equipped villas, and incredible traditional hospitality. With these all-embracing spa packages, massages, and healing therapies, we guarantee a bountiful of facilities to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Although it’s the Best Ayurvedic Tourism Center , Ayurveda is treated seriously here, and the staff emphasizes healing the body, spirit, and mind while staying here.

Being a traditional Ayurvedic center in Kerala , our treatments are supervised by experienced and expert doctors according to guest requirements and International Treatments . We offer a wide variety of packages including Stress Management through Ayurveda and Yoga , de-addiction treatments for habits, detox retreat and anti-aging treatment. At Sreechithra Ayurhome, you will get personal and customized therapy sessions often combined with yoga and other methods to provide deep healing from inside and out. This Classical Ayurveda center in Kerala is a perfect holistic health destination with all kinds of healing therapies, spa, and Best Ayurveda treatments .

If you're interested to visit Ayurveda retreats in Kerala, then come straight to Sreechithra Ayurhome yoga Ayurveda beach resort and enjoy authentic healing experience in the ancient tradition. At our Panchakarma center in Kerala , not only can you rejuvenate your body, you can have a wonderful vacation as well.