Ayurveda Tips on Health problems due to Night shift work

When you are awake at night and asleep during the day, it affects biological clock of the body. Health problems due to Night shift work and Ayurveda Tips to reduce the health hazards is discussed in this article. And day sleeping is not as deep as night sleeping so this in turn reduces your ability to perform safely and efficiently. During morning our body does not receive proper amount of positive biological cues due to the increased level of sunlight in the environment.

Untimely and disturbed sleep sends wrong signals to circadian rhythms that control the sleep/wake cycle of the body and brain. It results in fatigue and totally leads to mental and physical problems, sometimes trigger Psychiatric problems like depression.

Shift work disorder can lead to Insomnia or excessive sleepiness, increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Acidity and ulcers are very common in employees who work in night shifts due to improper digestion. Digestive system is active in day and sluggish at night in response to Circadian rhythm. Inadequate sleep leads to problems in digestive system

Working shifts longer than 8 hours will generally result in reduced productivity, infertility, decrease in semen and libido

Depending on the person, night shift cause problems like weariness, lack of concentration and memory, decrease in immunity power, loss of appetite, giddiness and headache

Ayurveda Tips to reduce health hazards due to shift work

  • Organize your shift pattern into day shift- evening shift- night shift. It will help your biological clock and circadian rhythm to adjust to your shift pattern
  • Tasks that require heavy physical labor or intense concentration should be performed at the beginning of the shift
  • Plan for regular and frequent breaks throughout the work shift
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid taking tobacco, alcohol and junk foods
  • During your day sleep, switch off the mobile
  • During your day sleep, block sunlight directly come on you which may obstruct your sleep
  • Before night shift, take light food
  • Take a bath to cool yourself and after that go to bed
  • Drink a glass of warm milk before sleep that provides you sound sleep
  • Avoid refrigerated foods and beverages.
  • Take herbal oil massage which relieves you from stress and rejuvenate you

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