Botanical Name – Aegle marmelos

Family – Rutaceae

Common Name – Bael/Wood apple/Bengal quince


It is a mid-sized ,slender ,aromatic ,gum bearing tree growing upto 8m tall.The tree is infact regarded as one of the sacred tree of Indian heritage.The fruit it bears is highly beneficial and has lots of nutritional elements in it.

Medicinal Properties

 Anti diabetic

 Anti parasitic

 Anti pyretic

 Anti microbial

 Laxative

 Anti fungal

 Anti bilious

Home remedies

 Consume the Powder of dried roots,leaves &fruits of bilwa added with ghee helps to heal wounds quickly.

 Consume the powder of bilwa fruit added to boiled milk helps to cure anaemia.

 To manage diabetis & excess urination,consume 20 ml of juice extracted from bilwa leaves.

 Intake of the mixture of boiled water with 1 tsp of dried bilwa leaves,cool&strain the solution,have it 3 times a day,helps to manage hypertension.

 For elimination of intestinal worms,take 5 gms of dried & powdered pulp of bilwa fruit 2 times a day.

 In chronic diarrhoea,dry the slices of an unripe bilwa fruit in sun&grind them.Take a tsp of this powder along with warm water 2 times a day.

 In mouth ulcers,consume the mixture of a cup of bilwa fruit pulp and atsp of sugar in the morning on empty
stomach for 3 days.

 Consuming the mixture of juice prepared out of bilwa fruit helps to relieve constipation.

 The extract of bilwa fruit are used as natural shampoo which cleanses hair.

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