Diahhorea is a condition in which faeces are discharged from the bowels frequently and in liquid form. This often last for few days.

Infectious causes:
 Bacteria induced diarrhoea stands for 2 – 7 days.
 Virus induced condition stands for 2 days.
 Parasites induced condition stands for several weeks.
Non infectious causes:
 Inability to digest certain food substance.
 Surgery to remove a part of your intestine.
 After effect of gallbladder removal.
 Endocrine system disease like (thyroid & diabetes).
 Irritable bowel syndrome
Drug induced:
 Antibiotics
 Antacid medicines that contain magnesium.
 Medicines used for chemotherapy.
 Anti depressants.



o Food poisoning
o Emotional upsets
o Drinking too much of alcohol & coffee
o Food allergy
o appendicitis


o Irritable bowel syndrome
o Celiac disease
o Chron’s disease
o Diabetics
o Chronic pancreatitis
Common :
• Urgent feeling that you need to have a bowel movement.
• Thin & loose stools.
• Nausea & vomiting
• Watery stool.
• Bloating in your belly.
• Cramps.
Serious :
• Blood mucus or undigested food in the stool.
• Weight loss.
• Dehydration
• Fever.
Signs of dehydration :
Dark urine
Fast heart rate
Head ache
Dry skin
Feeling irritable & confused.


 Watch out when you eat & drink.
 Learn what had induced diarrhoea.
 Recognise the symptoms.
 Check for blood or Pus in stool.
 Check for fever.
 Look stool colour & consistency.
 Recognise signs of dehydration.


 Take 4 teaspoon powder of pomegranate fruit bark add 4 glass of water , boil and reduced the amount to 1 glass take half portion of the same twice daily.
 Pomegranate ripe fruit juice is also a good remedy.
 Mix arrow root powder in water and boil till it becomes the consistency of jam take these as your food during the days of trouble.
 Drink plenty of buttermilk to over come dehydration.
 Butter milk mixed with crushed curry leaves +a pinch of turmeric powder can be used as a drink.
 Butter milk along with crushed ginger can be used.
 Take lemon or fenugreek tea in between.
 Soak mustard or fenugreek seed in water for about 1hour and take this as a regular oral tonic.
 ½ tea spoon honey in empty stomach or mixed with luke warm water can be taken.
 Bael leaves powder mixed with water and subjected for boiling for few min,take this water for drink.
 Bael leaf powder + honey can be taken as an effective remedy.
 Jambu(rose apple) seed paste mixed with water and this can be taken for drinking.


o Porridge with little salt can be used.
o Kichidi is an better option.
o Kajur(dry dates) can be taken.
o Drink plenty of water.
o Sweet lime juice.
o Tender coconut water.
o Curd.
o Butter milk.
Diary products like (chees,milk,paneer etc..).
Oily and spicy food stuffs.
Proceesed food with high amount of added sugar like (cake,pastries,pizza).
Raw vegetables & veggies that causes bloating or gas like (onion,beans,cabbage,peas,brocholi,cauliflower etc).
Red meat.
Higher fibre content fruits .

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