Head Ache -Causes & Home Remedies

 Head ache is pain or discomfort in head .

 Most people with head ache feels better by making changes in life style,relaxation and by taking

 Head ache can stand alone or as a symptom of another condition.

 Depending on the specific head ache ,they can lasts for any time between few hours & several weeks.

 Head ache can be sharp,throbbing or dull,appears gradually or suddenly & lasts for multiple days or
lasts for an hour.


 Stress

 Depression

 Anxiety

 Head injury

 Holding head & neck in abnormal position.


 Tension Head ache – It is the most commom type of head ache,feels like constant ache present around
the head,especially at temples or back of the head & neck.They don’t usually cause nausea or vomiting
,and they rarely halt daily activities.

 Cluster Head ache – This type of head ache mainly affects men compared to women.They appear suddenly & are rare ,characterised by severe,debilitating pain on one side of the head and are often accompanied by a watery eye & nasal congestion or a running nose on the same side of the face.During an attack ,people often feels restless &unable to get comfort.Cause is unknown & there may be a genetic component.

 Sinus Head ache – When sinus become inflamed often due to an infection,it causes pain,usually presents with a fever.

 Rebound Head ache – Over use of pain killers can cause this type of head ache.

 Migraine Head ache – Migraine can run in families & are diagnosed using certain criterias. Atleast 5 previous episodes of head ache ,lasting between 4- 72hrs,one sided pain,moderate to severe pain ,nausea & vomiting,sensitivity to light & sound.A migraine may be foreshadowed bu aura, such as visual distortion or hand numbness.

Common Triggers

 Stress

 Drinking alcohol

 Exposure to bright light & loud sound

 Smells that are over powering

 Dehydration

 Not enough sleep

 Too much sleep

 Exercising rigorously

 Hormonal changes

 Strainful reading

 Food additives

How to prevent ?

 Maintain good posture

 Get the correct pillows

 Stay consistent

 Get an appropriate amount of sleep

 Stick to a healthy diet

 Exercise regularly

 Drink water

 Manage stress

Home Remedies

 Mix equal parts of ginger & lemon juice ,consume it once or twice a day Ginger can reduce inflammation of blood vessels in the head,thereby providing relief from head ache.

 Chew some fresh basil leaves or massage forehead with basil oil mixed with a base oil. Basil works as a muscle relaxant ,it has calming & analgesic effects.

 During head ache,chew some raw pumpkin seeds.They are rich in magnesium sulphate,which are helpful in
curing head ache.

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