Panchakarma – Powerful Ayurvedic Treatment

Panchakarma is a powerful Ayurvedic treatment that eliminates toxicity, restoring the body’s natural balance and health. It is a series of five karmas or actions, which eliminate excess accumulation of doshas. It not only eliminates toxins but also rejuvenates the body tissues. To

Not all the five karmas of Panchakarma are suggested to everyone. Depending on the health, physical conditions and mental conditions, a physician will suggest the appropriate types of karmas. They are Nasya (nasal therapy), Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purging), Vasti (enema) and Rakthamoksha (bloodletting).

There is  Nasya (nasal therapy), Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purging), Vasti (enema) and Rakthamoksha (bloodletting)  (pre-treatment) and paschat karma (post-treatment), before and after the main treatment. Snehan (oil therapy), swedan (sudation) are purva-karma. Diet, rest, and medicines intake are included in paschat karma. Anyone taking Panchakarma treatment must go through all the three stages. Then, the treatment will give results.

The purva karma prepares the body for the main treatment. It includes oil treatment and sudation. Oil treatment is both internal and external. It releases the toxins accumulated at different parts of the body. Sudation or making the body to sweat opens the minute pores in the body, to facilitate expulsion of the toxins released from different parts of the body.

The actual treatment includes aggressive expulsion of the excess doshas (toxins) from the body through the five different karmas.

After the main karma, the physique will become weak. However, the body will also be in a better condition to receive medicines. Paschat Karma involves diet control, taking rest and eating special medicated food items. These will lead to rejuvenation of the tissues in the body. The body is receptive to the medicines.

Raktamoksha  Is a Detoxification of the blood, where blood is removed from an affected skin area either by leeches. It is highly effective in chronic non-healing wounds, Diabetic carbuncles and ulcers.

Ayurvedic physicians suggest Panchakarma as a means of physical treatment. However, this treatment is advantageous to mental power too. The toxins of various types are accumulated within the fine blood vessels and in the nervous tissues. Expelling such toxins can facilitate better thinking process, better decision making capabilities, and more.

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