Typhoid Fever | Symptoms | Diagnosis |Prevetion | Home Remedies

Typhoid fever is an acute illness associated with fever. It is most often caused by the salmonella typhi
bacteria. The bacteria are deposited through the fecal contamination in water or food by a human carrier. Typhoid fever is rare in industrial countries but continues to be a significant public health issue in developing countries. Risk factors include poor sanitation & poor hygiene.

Symptoms Of Typhoid Fever

o High degree of fever(104*F)

o Poor appetite

o Head ache

o Generalized aches&pain

o Lethargy Diarrhea

o Abdominal pain

o Constipation

o Skin rash with rose colored spots.

How is typhoid fever diagnosed?

o After the ingestion of contaminated food or water,the salmonella typhi bacteria invade the small intestine &enter the blood stream temporarily.

o Here the bacteria multiply in high numbers.

o The bacteria pass into the intestinal tract&can be identified in stool samples.

o Diagnosis is made by any blood,bone marrow or stool culture.

o Incubation period is usually 1-2 wks&duration of illness is about 3-4 weeks.

Preventive Measures

Maintain good sanitation & hygiene in order to prevent the spread of typhoid fever.

Careful food preparation&washing of hands are crucial to prevent this disease.

Keep the toilets,water faucets&door handles clean at all times.

Home remedies

 4 Tulsi leaves,7 grains of black pepper&7 shreds of saffron must be ground together to make a paste.Tablets
are then formed out of the paste,which is consumed twice or thrice everyday with luke warm water. Add 1-2 tsp of fresh juice of coriander leaves to 1 cup of buttermilk.This can be taken 2-3 times/day. Drink plenty of fluids as this helps to prevent dehydration which occurs due to high fever&diarrhea. Add some amount of honey to warm
water&drink this mixture,as this helps to soothen the digestive tract.

 Boil ½ tsp of crushed garlic,1cup of milk,4 cups of water.Boil this solution until it gets reduced to ¼ of the original amount.Drink this solution 3 times a day reduces the symptoms of typhoid fever.

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