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Dhanyamala Dhara is a special Ayurveda Treatment with a full-body therapy by using fermented medicated solutions.

In this, a fermented solution is poured through a special apparatus in a continuous stream through the body, with specialists gently massaging it into the skin using circular hand motion. It is effective in treating obesity and relieving aches and pains.

KIZHI ( Potali pinda swedes)

Kizhi is the name for little bundles of medicated herbs, oils, powders. These poultices are used with various pressures to treat a variety of conditions/diseases. Based on the herbs/oil used, there are various forms of kizhi treatments. Kizhi is an important process in Traditional Ayurveda. Some of the therapies included in kizhi are:

Elakizhi (Patra pottali swedam)

In Elakizhi, herbal poultices (bundles) are prepared with various herbs and medicated powders. These poultices are warmed in medicated oils and then used to massage the entire body, neck, shoulders, hands and back. This therapy helps improve blood circulation within the affected area through perspiration. It also works as a deep skin cleanser and toner.

Manjalkizhi ( Haridrapotalipinda swedam)

Though similar to Podikizhi in the process, Manjal Kizhi uses turmeric mixed with other herbs and oils in the treatment. This therapy is given to reduce inflammation, and to heal arthritic aches and pains.

Narangakizhi ( Jambheerapinda swedam)

Narangakizhi harvests the pain relieving properties of lemon to treat diseases like diabetic neuropathy, frozen shoulders, traumatic injuries and various aches and pains. The Kizhi used here has slices of lemons brewed with herbs and medicated oil. These bags are then warmed up and massaged on the body with a focus on the affected areas.

Podikizhi (Choornapindaswedam)

The Kizhis are filled with herbal powders, which are warmed and pounded over the body with moderate pressure for a certain duration of time. Podikizhi is recommended for relieving spasm, the stiffness of muscles and joints, and beneficial in melting fat and flab around the muscles.

Muttakizhi ( Kukkudanda pindaswedam)

Another traditional treatment in Kerala, Muttakizhi uses the healing properties of the protein in eggs to treat paralysis, muscle wasting or muscle atrophy, facial palsy and frozen shoulders. The treatment uses boiled egg yolks, which are mixed with various herbs and oils and made into Kizhis that are massaged on to the body.

Manalkizhi ( Rookshapinda swedam)

In this therapy, beach sand plays a key role. The sand is first cleaned of all the impurities, dried and then tossed with rock salt over medium heat. It helps heal rheumatic fever, pain, inflammation and swelling.

Kadikizhi ( Choor\napinda swedam in Dhanyamlam)

This therapy uses steamed herbal Kizhi instead of the herbs mixed in oil. Kadikizhi begins with a light massage with medicated oils followed with the steamed Khizimassage. The therapy is recommended for those dealing with weight issues and arthritis.

Navarakizhi(shastika shali pinda swedam)

Instead of the usual herbal mixes, this therapy uses a special preparation made of Navara rice that is cooked in cow’s milk and then ground with an herbal mixture. These Kizhis are then dipped in the same herbal mixture and rubbed all over the body. The final phase of the therapy includes cleansing the body and applying medicated oil in soft, circular motion.