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Ayurveda weight loss packages

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Are you obese?

Obesity is a condition when the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person lies above 30. Just take the ratio of body weight (in kgs) and the square of the person’s height (in mts) to get the BMI. BMI of 25 to 29.9 indicates that the person is overweight and it is better to exercise proper measures for weight loss and health maintenance at this stage. BMI of 30 and above indicates obesity.

Ayurvedic Plants/Herbs to control Obesity:

Triphala, Brahmi and Garcinia cambogia are few of the many medicinal plants that help in weight reduction. Easily obtainable fresh curry leaves, turmeric, mint and spices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper are found to be very beneficial.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Obesity at Sreechithra Ayurhome:

There are remedies in Ayurveda for weight loss and to maintain health for people who are obese or overweight. Deep, dry massages with herbal powders and pastes (Udwarthanam), synchronized massage with specific oils (Abhyanga), and herbal steam bath helps mobilize the accumulated fat; whereas specially designed diet and yoga programs prevent its further accumulation. Appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also administered based on the requirement of the individual. These are carried out based on the practitioner’s recommendations and in the presence of experts. Dhanurasana, bhujangasana, shalabasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, trikonasana and vakrasana are few of the asanas or yoga postures for losing extra fat. This will be more effective when practised with pranayama and proper diet. Walking and regular exercise helps in maintaining good health. Brisk walk for about half an hour during morning helps in burning excess fat and keeps fresh too. Sreechithra Ayurhome has walking/jogging track and gym for this purpose. The concerned practitioner helps to overcome stress if the cause is stress or depression. Conscious eating habits is very important. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lime juice and honey daily morning on empty stomach. Eat smaller meals and eat after every three hours. Increase the number of fruits and vegetables and low-calorie foods. A glass of orange, pineapple or carrot juice and, consuming green gram sprouts is recommended. Salad of raw vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes and, fruits like papaya and pineapple are good. Use powdered cumin seeds, green coriander leaves, a little salt and some grated ginger mixed in the buttermilk. At Ayurvedagram, customized diet for guest is provided.

How you will benefit ?

Expel toxins from the body.

Promotes healthy blood circulation.

Regulates hormones from the Thyroid gland.

Lubricates and rejuvenates the tissues.

Improved Cario-Respiratory activity when combined with Yoga and Pranayams.

Improved Catabolic Metabolism.

Restores digestive and healthy metabolic processes.

Treatments :

  1. Swedana (Loosening of toxins through herbal steam therapy).

  2. Abhyanga (Body rejuvenation through warm oil massage).

  3. Kizhi (Hot fermentation therapy using medicated pouches).

  4. Elakizhi (Therapeutic massaging with warm pouches containing herbs).

  5. Udvarthanam (Removal of excessive cellulite deposits through dry powder massage).

  6. Pizhichil (Muscle Tone balance through oil bath).

Weight Loss Packages : 

1. Accommodation in AC deluxe double room

2. Full board meals, specialised diet plans

3. Therapies included

4. Consultations by our senior physicians

5. One hour yoga session

6. Complimentary airport transfers


Single accommodation


28 days

135 euros

Extra person chargeable

35 days

130 euros