Slip disc

Slip disc

Process for Non-Surgical Treatment for Slip Disc

Our best Ayurveda hospital in Kerala provides Non-Surgical Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc at our Ayurvedic hospital near Cochin airport. We strictly follow the holistic approach of Ayurveda to treat not only the symptoms of the slipped disc but also bring back the shape of your spine and body.

For the non-surgical treatment of slip disc, we follow the particular Ayurvedic style of treatment. Our Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc treatment is highly specialised and it’s based on pure Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc condition.


  • Smoking

  •  Ageing

  • Obesity

  • Lifting heavyweights

Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc:

Our Ayurveda hospital in Kochi offers a very tangible alternative that works in almost any case of a slipped disc. Ayurvedic medications comprising of herbal products, tablets, capsules and oils for external application which gives relief in patients with mild to moderate problems. Persons with chronic problems and those with the severe intensity of symptoms would require Ayurvedic therapies which are used to heal the nerves affected by the herniated disc and to relieve the muscular spasm as well.

Ayurveda doesn’t recommend pain killers for treatment of pain due to slip disc. The main concern of using ayurvedic medicines is to balance the aggravated doshas. Because as per Ayurveda these are doshas which cause spinal disc problems. Panchakarma treatment is one of the great remedies to avoid surgeries for the slipped disc. It is the ultimate healing experience and is especially drawn to rejuvenate your body. The Ayurveda therapies help in relieving your body muscles by boosting blood circulation. It is a worthwhile method to treat prolapsed disc.