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PALASH, The Flame of the Forest Tree

Botanical Name : Butea monosperma 

Family : fabaceae

A magnificent Palasa plant has bloomed in our locality after 12 years. Palasa is a plant with a myriad of medicinal benefits. One among the most important plants for the rituals as per vedas and renowned as the best among the herbs. Traditional Indian Medicinal tree with a scenic beauty of vibrant red ornamental flowers blossomed and  endowed with natural remedy for a bunch of ailments. It basically mitigates the vata and kapha , the bodily humours and  is an effective anti infective, anti helminthic and hepatoprotective medicine . It’s intellectual benefits were also quoted in ancient vedas. 

Widely used in the management of 

  • haemorrhoids, 

  • skin disorders, 

  • bleeding disorders and 

  • splenomegaly. 

Indicated in the form of Nasya (nasal administration of medicine) at pre conceptional care for  getting a healthy progeny.