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Chenda ensemble

  • 22 Dec 2017
  • Thrissur

Most popular among Kerala‚Äôs instrumental music forms is chenda. In chenda, there is no difference between south and north chendas.  Chenda ensemble is appreciated throughout the length and breadth of Kerala. For hours together artistes play chenda faultlessly and without compromising on the laid down rules. Chenda playing is a thrill to watch during festivals and other celebrations. The Chenda is used as a percussion instrument for almost all Kerala art forms. Chenda melam is the most popular form in Kerala. A Chenda melam is an integral part of all festivals and occasions in Kerala.


  • Chenda melam Troup

  • Chenda musicians will come in traditional kerala wear

  • Musical instruments will brought by musicians

Time: Musicians will be available for maximum 4 hours